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Weekly classes and coaching clinics.

The Number 1 Junior Golf Program On The Sunshine Coast!



Private Lessons

Group Lessons



U.S. Kids Golf Academy

The only U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach in the area, our internationally acclaimed academy develops great players in a fun and affordable way. Our programs are based on proven models of learning, using simple and repeatable swing development.

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Junior Lessons & Coaching

We run weekly classes and coaching clinics for Juniors of all ability levels - from our Cadet Program through to the comprehensive US Kids Golf Academy 10 Level Pathway Program.

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Noosa Junior Golf Circuit (NJGC)

We run a weekly junior golf competition every second Sunday at Noosa Golf Club for all junior and junior cadet members. This is a 6 or 9 hole competition open to all junior golfers with weekly prizes on offer. Arrive at 2:30pm for a 3pm tee off.


Junior Club Fitting

When young players play with clubs that fit, they quickly develop golf swings that will last a lifetime. The proper club length and weight are keys to solid fundamentals, and that's why players are fit into U.S. Kids Golf clubs based on height, not age. 

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Junior Private Lesson


25 - 30 minutes


Book and pay online

Cadet/Junior Golf Clinic


3:40pm - 4:10pm

Girls Ages 6 -11

4:15pm - 4:45pm

Boys Ages 6 -10

Must be a Cadet or Full Junior Member

Junior Golf Clinic


3:30pm - 4:30pm

Boys & Girls Ages 11+

Must be a Cadet or Full Junior Member

Golf Bag with Clubs


Learn To Play On The Course Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

Playing the game is the best way to learn! The Operation 36 Golf Program makes learning the game feel like a game!  Your junior will make friends and learn skills in fun engaging classes while they can use the Op 36 Mobile App to play and practice outside of classes. With the App juniors can develop their skills on the course by following a roadmap to shoot Par 36 or better for 9 holes. The guided GPS within the app allows the player to find the Op 36 Tee-Box for where to tee off and easily tracks hole by hole stats.

All playing and training data is sent to your coach automatically to help guide each junior in their development. With Operation 36 your junior will see bite size success every step of the way which builds momentum, confidence, patience, and work ethic over time - the best environment possible to learn a sport and lessons that will last a lifetime!

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