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Student Stats Booklet

The Student Stats and Lesson Review Booklet is the perfect companion for any golfer who is serious about making positive changes to their game. You record your stats from each round you play and use that information to work with your coach in your training sessions to achieve the best results possible to improve your game. Take a look at a sample booklet to see how it works

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U.S.Kids Golf Clubs

As a certified fitter of the U.S. Kids Golf club range, we offer individual club fitting using the most extensive junior club fitting system in the world. U.S. Kids Golf believes that perfect swings begin with a perfect fit. When a young player uses clubs that are fit based on their height and skill level, they will learn to swing naturally, while increasing their swing speed and developing good habits. U.S. Kids Golf offers three systems of lighter weight equipment designed to fit every young player, regardless of age.

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Jimmy Douris Golf
Gift Voucher

The perfect gift for the golfer you know that just keeps on giving! Our gift vouchers can be redeemed for a range of our popular lesson or class options and will be a treat for the passionate golfer who would love to spend some time improving their game.

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