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"My introduction to Jimmy Douris came when I watched him play a game of golf with Pat Rafter. I couldn’t believe how far he could hit a golf ball. He impressed me so much, I approached him and asked if I get some coaching lessons. In typical Jamie fashion he asked what were my goals - I told him my handicap was 27 and I wanted to reach single figures in twelve months. The look on Jimmy’s face was priceless, he said "You will have to work really hard but I don’t think you can do it in twelve months".

Our friendship and coaching lessons began. Jimmy was right - I didn’t make single figures in twelve months but I did make it in just over two years, I now play off 8.8.

What I achieved together with his support and coaching was very surprising to many.

If you have the determination , work hard and do what Jimmy tells you, I can promise you with Jimmy’s coaching, you will achieve your goals.

Good luck and good golf."

Reon Weir

"I had to write to let you know the wonderful outcome of the lessons you've been giving me lately: I won the club tournament last Saturday! I played the back nine on even par off the stick, a fantastic result for a 20 handicapper!"

Terence Oliver

"I  was a putting demon today.  The others were jealous.  Lots of very very long puts and they were all (apart from 2) finishing within 30 cms. Even downhill ones.... you know I they typically terrify me. A lot of putts finished within 5 cms.  I love the new stance and I know my putting stroke is so much better. Can't thank you enough."

Ally Bourke

"Jimmy Douris’ high-level, holistic approach to coaching is perfectly suited for our son (12 years) and daughter (13 years). The vast improvement they have made on their games and in their confidence in a relatively short amount of time is a testament to Jimmy's professional coaching abilities and to his dedication to teaching.  He tailors each session to address the ever-changing needs of their developing games, through use of V1 swing analysis, challenging, fun and creative drills or intensive on-course playing lessons. He’s always ahead of the curve, and willing to spend the time giving well-qualified advice on suitable equipment, supporting them at tournaments, listening to them, and advising on all aspects of improving performance.  In addition, he demonstrates an impeccable work ethic, making him a positive role model for our junior golfers!"

Marita Buscombe

"I have been having regular lessons with Jimmy over the last 3 months. Jimmy is incredibly passionate about helping people from all skill levels improve their golf.My work with him has included a combination of one on one sessions, 9 holes separately and in a group as well as several clinics with Terry Price. I am reducing my handicap consistently - so far from 25.5 to 18.9. and falling.  All aspects of my game have improved drastically -building my ability, confidence and consistency every week. I now have a deeper understanding of my set up and swing, course management and how to play the game. As a result my golf is so much more enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend Jimmy, to anyone who is serious about improving their golf."

Greg Bee

"Just want to thank you for my recent beginners course. Your tips on basic techniques allowed me to quickly pick up and improve from day one and your video shots really showed me how to improve. Your professional manner and friendly approach made each lesson lots of fun and your mirror technique was just magic. Lessons were awesome!"

Susan Cavanagh

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