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U.S Kids Golf Academy


The U.S. Kids Golf Academy believes:

  • In 'games-based' learning.

  • Parents play a vital role in their children's progress.

  • Optimal performance happens when people are having fun!

The U.S. Kids Golf Academy provides each golfer with:

  • Complimentary club-fitting and use of equipment.

  • Gender and age specific programs.

  • A comprehensive learning curriculum with ability to track progress.

  • Video analysis of your golf swing.

  • Instruction led by U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach Jimmy Douris.

Based on twenty years of experience and the more than one million young golfers served by U.S. Kids Golf, the Academy understands that children learn differently than adults - and knowing how each learns means we can coach both groups in a more enjoyable and productive way.

So when your young golfer enroll at the U.S. Kids Golf Academy, you can expect:

  • Complimentary use of the best equipment, fitted specifically for your child while on site

  • A games-based philosophy that engages golfers and makes learning more fun

  • An easy-to-follow progressive 10-level curriculum

  • Consistent communication

  • Group classes with individual attention

  • A teaching system that allows students to come and go as needed

  • The development of a swing that’s easier to repeat and makes golf enjoyable for a lifetime

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