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55-60 Minute Game Assessment

New Students Only

55-60 Minute Lesson

55-60 Minute Buddy Lesson
(Individual Booking)

25-30 Minute Junior Private Lesson

25-30 Minute Senior Lesson
(Members Over 60)

55-60 Minute Lesson
(Block of three)

55-60 Minute Buddy Lesson
(Booking for two)

How To Book Online

1. Select your lesson option from the drop down menu below.

2. Make your payment using PayPal. You can choose to pay using a PayPal account or select the 'pay by credit card' option.

3. After payment is completed you will be taken to our online booking calendar where you can select your lesson date and time. If it is your first time using the online system you will need to create an account before you can book a lesson.

* If you pay for a block of three lessons you will need to book all three lessons after payment.

** Buddy lessons can either be booked and paid for as an individual or one person can make the booking for two people. If booking separately, each student will need to book a half hour lesson either side of the other half hour booking.

Book Online
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